The Rwandan High Court has granted provisional release from prison, to Diane Rwigara and her mother Adeline Rwigara a year after their detention while awaiting trial.

Rwigara, 37, a fierce government critic and former presidential aspirant in Rwanda’s last election, was arrested along with her mother Adeline Rwigara in September 2017 after her campaign to contest the presidential elections as the only female candidate against long time leader Paul Kagame.

She was however, disqualified from running by electoral authorities who claimed she doctored the number of signatures needed to qualify as a presidential candidate by submitting names of dead people, allegations she denied profusely.

She was arrested on charges of fraud and inciting people against government shortly after launching an activist group to call Rwandans to action and hold government accountable following her disqualification from running for president.

The High Court in granting Diane and her mother Adeline bail, ruled that the prosecution did not give credible reasons why the two should be detained during their trial. They will therefore, be allowed to go home but cannot leave Rwanda as they await trial.

Since their arrest last year, supporters, sympathisers and human right activists from all over the world mobilised online using the hashtag #FreeDianeRwigara to call for their release and unlawful detention, once again proving just how powerful social media can be when used as a tool to fight injustice and oppression.

#RevoltForHer #WomenInPolitics #DianeRwigara #Rwanda #SDG5 #FreeRwigara
#GenderRepresentation #WomenInLeadership


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