Elizabeth Fundafunda. Image: Colligan Photography

She describes herself as ambivert, creative and experimental. At 20, Elizabeth Nsama Fundafunda has already established her own brand called Chitenge Liza, known for creating ready to wear accesories and statement neckpieces characterized by elements of traditional African fabric.

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By Martha Chilongoshi


The Africa I want is one that embraces diversity, promotes freedom of expression, values the right to information and prioritizes the elimination of all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender.

For my ideal Africa to be realized, actions, initiatives and conversations that challenge the status quo and disrupt structural systems which hinder development are very vital and this is what the Forum on Internet Freedom represents for me, an opportunity to meet like-minded people and share ideas as well as experiences on how to advance our societies for the better.

A communication for development professional like me finds great value in the Forum on Internet Freedom gatherings because it presents diverse opportunities for me to learn about the social, economic and political factors affecting internet access and usage in other countries in Africa and how I can apply lessons from there to address and solve prevailing issues in my own country – Zambia. Continue reading




Amanda is a 30-year-old IT specialist and the only female amongst 17 young Zambian innovators who have been selected for the Zambia Information and Communications Authority (ZICTA)’s 2016 ICT Innovation Programme, which is designed to give assistance to enthusiastic young Zambian innovators who have ideas that show potential for transformation into viable usable products.

Amanda studied for her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering in Russia and currently works as a Technical Support Analyst for the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia(CIDRZ). Fascinated by the idea of creating something new and improving already existing systems, Amanda has developed a system that will help local governments in Zambia to control the bus transport system in the country. Continue reading

MUSIC DUO Flow 1ne



Her name is Abi Mali, a beautiful afro songbird born in Lusaka Zambia and spent part of her childhood in chingola and Malawi respectively. As a child, Abi moved around quite a lot and as a result she changed schools a few times and eventually spent her final year of high school at Munali Girls High School in Lusaka.

She discovered that she could sing at the very tender age of 5. “I was just a little girl when I sang in front of a crowd for the first time, I remember being very excited and proud of myself because I only used to sing in front of my family so this came pretty easy” She narrates.

Abi, who as a child also learnt how to play keyboard in church has since blossomed into a credible musician and worked with established artists such as Malawian based Producer Dominant1 and Award winning Zambian artists Abel Chungu Musuka and Pompi. She has also toured some parts of Zambia and crossed the boarders to South Africa and Uganda on account of her amazing gift of singing.


Asked what her most memorable performance in her music journey so far has been, Abi says “I have a lot of memorable performances but if I had to pick one, it would have to be the first time I did backing vocals for Pompi in South Africa on Big Brother Africa – The Chase live show.



Abi as an individual is a beautifully talented Zambian creative with a great sense of fashion and striking personality might I add. She describes herself as a goofball who also takes her work very seriously and adds that she can be quite impatient and intolerant but God is helping her with those two areas of her personality. Well aren’t we all a little impatient so God help us too!

Africa, Behold – Abi Mali



We first came in contact with this beautiful soul called Seya Fundafunda through Facebook after a colleauge shared a short film she had created and produced and being a person who is fascinated by fellow creative young people, I immediately sent a friend request and we connected. I would later learn that Seya is a closet comedian who is yet to “come out” because her sense of humor was undeniable in her posts and interactions online, very funny girl this one.

Well we eventually had the pleasure of meeting her in person through several social events and even more to our delight, we discovered that this beautiful woman is not only talented and funny but also a grounded, knowledgeable and articulate young Christian.

Seya, who was born in Lusaka Zambia, attended primary school at Rhodes Park School and North mead Basic School respectively and would later finish her high school from the International School of Geneva in Switzerland. Having discovered she could sing at the age of 12, she spent some time in the youth choir at church and describes the first time she sang in front of a crowd as being scary but she got through it regardless. Her voice I must add is a crisp sound that is soothing and calming when one takes a listen.



Over the years, Seya has developed immensely as a musician and worked with celebrated Zambian artists such as Magg 44, Abel Chungu Musuka, Pompi and Chord 14.

Among her most memorable musical moments are ministering with Lota House at the 2014 Zambia Music Awards, Ugandan Music Festival called PhatFest, at the Big Brother Africa 2013 eviction show and at the Stanbic Jazz Fest. Counting Zambia, Botswana, Uganda and South Africa as the countries she has ministered in so far, Seya looks forward to travelling and ministering in more African countries and beyond the continent.

Africa!!….. – Seya Fundafunda!



The two afro songbirds met through Abel Chungu Musuka at Miracle Life Family Church when Abi was looking for a script writer and Seya who was active in the media then, was referred to her. The two later reconnected in South Africa when they were both backing vocalists for another award winning Zambian Christian artist Chaka Nyathando, popularly known as Pompi for the Big Brother Africa eviction show performance.

“We had been singing back up for Pompi for almost 3years and so individually, we had ideas of what we wanted to do as far as music is concerned and so on Christmas last year, we were both hanging out and decided to share what we wanted to do and Abi said, why don’t we merge and do a project together. So we both thought about it, prayed about it and alas, Flow1ne was born.”


The two ladies compliment their duet by performing individual roles with excellence in that Seya does a lot of conceptualizing while Abi writes songs and together they share and merge ideas. Pompi, who they sang back up for initially is now their creative director as well as lead content writer and hands the girls the songs beforehand so they can digest and get them into their system before going into studio with their main producer and renowned artist, Magg44. The girls however, have great input as far as the music making process is concerned and add their own ideas, harmonies and flavor to the songs to give it a distinct Flow1ne sound.

“Our music is a mash up of different genres that we both enjoy listening to and singing but if we had to categorically describe it, we would term it as uplifting Contemporary Gospel Music. In our latest single ‘Gwesa” we are echoing that Jesus wants to give rest to people who are walking around with a lot of past hurts and baggage which make life heavy and depressing. We are saying baggage can be unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, guilt and shame about one’s past and it can all be left at the cross.” Narrates Flow1ne’s Seya while Abi adds “We hope that the music we do is timeless and has quality and that it will touch people from all walks of life in and outside the church.”

The girls, who set out on a project together as a way to branch out as individual artists say they laugh quite a lot and are surrounded by people just as crazy as they are during their music making sessions. They also highlight to me that they expect a lot of growth as individuals and as artists so that they can make even better music that will impact more and more lives.



Trust us, we have listened to their beautifully arranged and soulful music and we are super excited to share these two songbirds with you and hope that their creativity captures you as much as it did us.

Africa, we give you –> Flow1ne

Listen to Gwesa and download for free here –> Gwesa Free Download

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Photo Credits to Atmosphere Productions, Luciano Haambote, Oliver Mubonde.