We believe that the best way to tackle social challenges is to identify and nurture women and young girls with the best ideas and empower them with the necessary information needed to change society for good. Our aim is to source, package and disseminate quality, credible, accurate and appropriate information to stimulate debate and discussions using ICTs and Social Media with focus on improving the knowledge base and activities that aim to improve leadership and transformation of women and girls.

The overall goal is to create and continually update knowledge on issues that directly and indirectly affect women and girls in order to inform and ensure effective women-centered interventions and provide information to the wider communities in Zambia and across the African Continent.

We are positioned to contribute to Zambia’s and Africa’s growth and development by creating and sharing content which will ignite a demand for safe environments where women and girls are able to have access to better facilities, educational, financial, social, health and other such services that will ultimately contribute to achievement of their goals and aspirations and bring development in their communities.